Computer Space 2022

Computer Space is a non-commercial international computer art forum. 

With every passing year the forum becomes more and more popular. With twenty nine editions in a row behind its back and more than 20 000 participants (firms, studios or individual persons) from different countries from all over the world, today “Computer Space” is one of the biggest and most significant events for computer arts in south-east Europe. There are two parts, a Competition and a Festival part.

The competition part of the forum gathers projects in different categories from all over the world, which struggle against each other for the first places of “Computer Space”. Everybody can participate in the competition part with a projects.

The Festival part consists of two events – the awarding ceremony and the forum part (seminars, exhibition, show events, concerts).During the awarding ceremony all the nominated projects in each category are presented.  The seminars are carried out for several days. The accents are on various topics from different spheres of the computer art and technology. The participants in these seminars are from all over the world, and the lectors and their topics are carefully selected by the organizers of “Computer Space”.

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