Y-EUTH-PACT! Is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project with the aim to increase the quality of youth work by bettering the capacity and competences of youth practitioners to assess the impact of youth work itself on local communities thanks to the creation of innovative tools and methodologies.  By doing so, the project will also contribute to increase the level of recognition of youth work as a social engine for a stronger and better European society.

– To standardise good practices for assessing impact of youth work and volunteering projects on local communities

– To create methodologies, guidelines and tools for youth workers to enable them to better assess the impact of youth work on local communities  

– To develop a framework of competences for youth practitioners in order to become “impact assessors”

– To develop a training programme with e-modules to train and build competences and skills in youth practitioners on impact assessment practices;

– To equip organisations’ staff with tailor-made methodologies and tools to improve the way they assess the impact on local communities



“Y-EUTH-PACT!” will thus create and test innovate, open educational resources (OER) and interactive tools and methods capable to support youth practitioners in assessing in a more effective way the impact of their work on their local communities so increasing the overall quality of youth work. 

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