Senior Voice Magazines

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The European Senior Voice Magazine is created by seniors for seniors in the frame of the SASME+ project which is supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The content of the magazine reflects the needs of the seniors and promotes an active social life for the elderly people in Europe.

The idea of the European Senior Voice Magazine was born in 2016 in Poland, where in partnership of 4 EU countries: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Germany launched the ERASMUS+ project called SASME to create the civil media for the seniors, where they could share and exchange information about their countries, common problems, culture and interests.

SASME+ project is based on the good practice created in the previous project and this time we invite all seniors to view and contribute to the magazine or to the European Senior Voice web-portal, which is an online counterpart of the magazine.

In the colorful magazine we present different approaches of how to stay active from different parts of Europe. You will find here interviews with active seniors, articles about security issues, heath, tourism, hobbies, but also four campaigns engaging European seniors to present their passions. Stylish Seniors, Senior Gardener, Love after 60, Pet – remedy for loneliness are kind of contests. In the magazine we present most appreciate photos or article sent by the seniors, presenting their fashion style, gardens, pet or love stories.

The ESV Magazine is for those seniors who would like to expand their knowledge on basics of civil media, principles of journalism, work in the editorial office, promotion and PR of the press magazine, voluntary work in social campaign Senior Card and Senior Voice Magazine, etc. For seniors and their families.

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