Mobireel: Mobile low-cost digitizing of vintage films


The Erasmus+ project Mobile low-cost digitizing of vintage films (Mobireel) is a collaborative initiative that aims to address the significant challenges faced by libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions in digitizing, preserving and promoting their digitized film collections with a focus in so called home film and video formats (8mm, Super 8, VHS, SVHS etc.). One of the major challenges faced by these institutions is the lack of training materials and resources for digitizing and viewing these collections. This, coupled with the low percentage of films and tapes that have been digitized, as reported by European Parliament research, which indicates that only 14% of existing films are in archives and only 1.5% are digitized, has resulted in a significant obstacle for small organizations in preserving their collections. Through this project, the partnership aims to explore and address these challenges by creating training materials for small organizations to digitize and promote their collections, focusing on customer/home film and video formats, leveraging the expertise and resources of all partners involved in the project.

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