DigiPrior Protocol/Methodology for selecting the materials for digitization

The elaboration of an indicative and guiding document does not mean that it has to be applied in a unique and exclusive way. It is necessary to adapt what is recommended to the specific cases of Libraries-Archives-Documentation Centers. Analysis, objectivity and application require a deep knowledge of the institution and of the collection, made up of parts that come together to form a whole. It is the first step towards the establishment of processes. The path but also the guiding line must be defined so that the final objective is achieved.

Thus, the present document aims to present paths where professionals may have adaptable tools. The diverse variants, which resulted from the discussion between partners with different realities, have resulted in a protocol that can contemplate those same differences. It is therefore precise, concise and guiding, but open and flexible.

Available in English, Bulgaria, Romanian, Dutch and Portuguese. 

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